A valid passport and visa are required for all foreigners travelling to Nepal. We strongly recommend obtaining a Nepalese visa valid for 30 days before leaving your respective country. Please see the Nepal Visa kit enclosed in our pre-departure information.

If you extend your stay in Nepal beyond 30 days, you will need to get a visa extension in Kathmandu. Extensions are issued for one week at a time at a cost of about US$ 5. Our company will assist you in obtaining an extension, but you are responsible for the additional cost and you will have to show official exchange receipt of US$ 20/day for each additional day you need.

You will need an Indian Visa if you plan to visit India or if your flights between your country and Kathmandu connect in Delhi. The Indian visa must be obtained in advance; it is not available at the airport in Kathmandu. It is a good precaution to have a visa in any event, as flight delays or flight cancellations are not uncommon and you cannot leave the airport without one. For travel via Thailand you do not need a visa provided your stay is a maximum of 15 days.