Before you go on Everest Expedition, it is significant that you research enough about the trip. One of the most important things to find out about the journey is how long does it take to climb Mount Everest. Now, though the fact might change as per the weather, the season, and other factors knowing the answer to the question of how long does it take to climb Mount Everest should give you a rough idea.

Everest Expedition

For the people who are mountaineering enthusiasts, Everest Expedition is one of the most sought after journeys in the world. It wouldn’t be an exaggeration to say that it is a dream journey for an aspiring climber. Even the ones who are not quite into climbing wouldn’t miss the opportunity to reach the peak of Mount Everest and enjoy the view from the top of Everest if given an opportunity. As explained by the ones who have successfully ascended the peak, the view from the top of Everest is nothing but magic in its purest of forms. In simple words, an experience to die for! It’s for a reason that hundreds of people every year risk their lives to reach the top of the mountain to have that feeling first hand.


Not everyone has enough time and money to climb Everest so most of them choose trekking packages in the Everest Region and some of them are:

How Long Does It Take To Climb Mount Everest

How long does it take to climb Mount Everest is one of the most frequently asked questions not just by the mountaineers but also by the rest. It is crucial especially for the climbers to get the answer to the question, how long does it take to climb Mount Everest, as without it, the preparation for climbing the peak, and all the other processes can’t be initiated. So, to answer the question, how many days to climb Everest, well, there are two answers. The first answer to how many days to climb Everest is 64 days, which is the total duration of the journey, starting from landing in Kathmandu and ending at take-off from the city. The second answer to how long does it take to climb Mount Everest is 45 days, which is the core climbing duration, starting and ending at Mount Everest Base Camp.


The entire Everest Expedition journey can be divided into three section – the core climbing, the core trekking, and miscellaneous. As mentioned above, the core climbing lasts for a duration of 45 days. In the same way, the core trekking lasts for a duration of 11 days, which takes the climbers from Lukla to Everest Base Camp before the ascent and the same way back after the descent. The miscellaneous consists of around 7 days altogether, and during this time, the trekkers either acclimatize on the route, travel to places in the flight, or simply relax and move around in the capital city. Depending on how active the climbers are, or the energy level left in them, they can choose to explore other activities like side treks, adventure sports and so on during this time. They have quite some time left for themselves.

Everest Base Camp Trek

Everest Base Camp trek is one of the most popular treks in Nepal, as it takes you to Mount Everest Base Camp. Everest base camp height IS 5364 m, and for many people, this is as close as they can get to Mount Everest. Everest Base Camp trek also covers places such as Kala Patthar, which offers probably the best Mount Everest Summit Photos. If you’re looking to experience Mount Everest up close and personal, Everest Base Camp Trekking is the best way to do so. You’ll definitely love the journey.


Everest Base Camp trek

Everest Base Camp Trek Difficulty

Everest Base Camp trek difficulty level is marked at moderate. This means that the majority of people, and mainly the ones who don’t have a serious health condition can go for this trek, regardless of age, stamina or trekking experience. Though the journey takes you through high altitude, extreme and unpredictable climate and rough terrain, the teahouse facilities on the route are quite standard. Because of this, even at the end of a tiring day on the route, you get to eat a delicious meal and enjoy a comfortable sleep.

Best Time for Everest Base Camp Trek

The best time for Everest Base Camp trek is between the months of September and November. During this time, the weather is clear and pleasant, which allows you to have the best possible views of the mountains. The only drawback to trekking in this season is the crowd that you’d have to face during the trek. Another best time for Everest Base Camp trek is between the months of April and June. Though the weather is pleasant during this time, the views may not be that clear. If you like peace and serenity, then this might be the best time to go for Everest Base Camp trek, as the routes are less crowded than usual.

Mount Everest Route Map

It is crucial that you carry Mount Everest Route Map on your Everest Base Camp trek. The map will allow you to go on side trips on your own, and explore the attractions that are not on the main route. As the map has all the information about the region, you will know way ahead of time about any attraction or challenges that are coming your way. Owning a Mount Everest route map will also prevent all the chances of you getting lost on the way, and even if you do, you can find your way back to the group.

Everest Base Camp Trek Tips

The two most crucial things to remember before going for Everest Base Camp trek is to prepare for the journey way ahead of time and to take preventions during the trek. The former will give you all the information that you need to know so that you would have realistic expectations, and the latter will ensure that you are safe throughout the trek. Considering these two Everest Base Camp trek tips before and during the trip will ensure that you have a happy and fun trekking experience overall.

Everest Guide

Everest Guide is probably one of the most crucial people in your journey in the Everest region, whether you’re going for Everest Base Camp trek or Everest Expedition. And Everest Guide has all the information and experience regarding trekking or expedition in the region, and so, he is the right person to assist you on your endeavor. While it is possible to go for these trips on your own, but keep in mind that it’s not something that everyone can do with ease. Going on trips in the Everest region solo requires years of experience trekking and expedition. On top of all that, having an Everest guide by your side would make your journey easier and safer, so why not choose this over going solo, and inviting all the risks and difficulties. With both options put together side by side, the former one seems like a simple choice.


While trekking and going for expedition solo is a form of adventure that many people prefer, because of quite of few accidents that have happened over the years, Nepal government doesn’t allow a tourist to go for solo fun. It is mandatory for foreigners to be accompanied by an Everest guide during their journey in the mountains. And why not! Everest guide doesn’t just help you by showing you the right way, with all his experience, he will offer you the tips that would make your journey exciting and more fun. He will also support you emotionally, especially at times when you’re tired and willing to quit the journey. You will realize that his words are enough to motivate you, as you’ll leap back on your feet and continue on the journey. For these reasons and others, you need to have an Everest Guide by your side.

Before going for Everest Expedition, make sure that you’ve gathered enough information about the journey, and mainly searched the answer to the question, how long does it take to climb Mount Everest. This will help you have a rough idea about what journey has in hands for you, and prepare for it.

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